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Wind Rain or Shine

ADVANCED - Beach Volleyball CAMP Youth SINGLE DAY 4pm - 6pm

ADVANCED - Beach Volleyball CAMP Youth SINGLE DAY 4pm - 6pm

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ADVANCED - Beach Volleyball

We train in 2's Beach Volleyball format with our exceptionally qualified coaches, each passionate about sharing their love for the sport.

Experience excellence with our distinguished coaching team, featuring Coaches and Pro Players from Ukraine, Brazil, the USA, and Canada.

Our camps cater to athletes aged 12 to 17, offering a supportive environment for beginners to intermediate-level players.

Courts will be up as early as 3pm ... if students want to come out and warm up 


In game strategies, techniques and pushing their performance and fine tuning techniques still in a fun challenging way.

TIME: 3pm-6pm Monday to Friday

Location: Woodbine Beach, Toronto Ontario Canada

Please be sure to contact Coach Drew or Coach Josy with your child's name and details



647 544 0970 (whatsapp)


Whats my level?

AA Level
Competent players who have a very good understanding of the game and its strategies. Strong in all facets of beach volleyball.

A Level
Skilled players who are above the intermediate level but not quite at the competitive level of AA players. They have a good grasp of the game but might not execute as consistently.

BB Level
Intermediate players who understand the basics and can execute them with some consistency but still have areas to improve, especially in strategy and precision.

Players at this level are learning the fundamentals of beach volleyball and working on their skills. They have a basic understanding of the game but are still developing consistency.

Beginners or recreational players just starting out with beach volleyball. They have limited knowledge of the game and are working on basic skills.

Often used for novice players with very little experience or understanding of the game, focusing primarily on learning the most basic elements.

This category is for players who are there to have fun and might not be as concerned with competitive play. Skill levels can vary widely.

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Planning a Tournament?

Let us help you! With discounts for multiple system setups. We can provide everything you need to make your tournament the best ever! Just give us a shout at 647 544 0970 or email us at or

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