Certified Professional Beach Volleyball Coach Drew! Taking a more fun approach to training, by creating drills that challenge even the best players yet are not overwhelming for beginners/intermediates. Drew focuses on Technique, fun, and endurance.




Coach Josy is a still active professional touring player in Brazil. She often trains with Brazil's top touring pros and bring her experience in her no nonsense coaching style. Physicality and stamina while training using a lot of cardio is the focus. Josy wants all of her students to perform at their best and is often the go to coach, when wanting to sort out any beach volleyball technical problems.




Certified Professional Athletics Coach Ken. Coach Ken brings a very technical approach to the game. Focusing mainly on Beach Volleyball Swing and Body Mechanics, Ken’s aim is to improve your technique to make you a more efficient player.

Ken is often seen pulling students aside to talk to them while on break or in between games to encourage them and answer any questions.